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Trang Lam First Permanent Forum Experience at the UN in 2011

Trang Lam from New Zealand attended her very first Permanent Forum at the United Nations in 2011. She did a fantastic job delivering a speech on behalf of the Khmer-Krom Federation Youth Committee.

“This was my first time doing something major like this; I've never been to an event to talk about your Human right or the rights of our people before. All I've done back in Nelson (New Zealand) is volunteers to help out in the Committee, One thing that People need to know about me is that I am painfully shy around a lot of people I don’t know that worse when I have a give a speech in front of anyone. Therefore, the one thing that I learned while I was over there was how to get over my shyness and just go for it.” Trang was asked to list some things she learned while attending the UNPFII and said “What I was doing at the UNPFII was very important, I was there to stand up for people that was afraid to do so themselves, or just cannot be there.


Tomas Experiences in Geneva

Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 November 2014, there was a meeting at the Palais Wilson in Geneva about International Covenant on Economics, Social and Cultural Rights, a treaty in which Vietnam has signed and was reviewed for those two days.

For this, we have sent a delegation of 6 persons, composed of Thach Ngoc Thach from Canada, Venerable Veasna from Italy, Kien Sothy from United States of America, Joshua Cooper from Hawaii, Julie Thivanada Kim and I, Toma Khoun from France.

On Monday morning, Sothy presented our KKF report to the Committee (composed by many experts from all over the world , M. Kedzia, Committee chairman from Poland, M. Schrijver, Expert and Country Rapporteur for Vietnam, from Netherlands and many others.)


9th Annual Conference - United Nations Charter We The Peoples

KPlease Click on the image to view the complete detail.Please Click on the image to view the complete detail.KF would like to invite you to attend the 9th Annual Conference - United Nations Charter We The Peoples. The theme for this year is: "Creating a People Centered Approach to the Universal Periodic Review Consultation Preparation Phase: Community Coordinated Stakeholders Report Writing and Rights Realizing in the 2nd Cycle"

Seat is limited and lunch will be provided. If you would like to attend, please register with Dr. Joshua Cooper ( Or KKF Representative (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Khmer-Krom Youths are ready for the Tenth Session of the UNPFII

The Tenth Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) will start from May 16-27, 2011. As previous years, the Khmer-Krom Youths from around the world will travel to New York City to attend the UNPFII. Some of them already arrived at the United States. They all come to the UNPFII with a mission, not a vacation, to help bringing the truth about the human rights violations against their voiceless Khmer-Krom in Kampuchea-Krom.


Future Work by the Indigenous Youth Caucus

 Intervention to the Ninth Session of the

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 2010

Youth Caucus Statement - April 26, 2010

Agenda Item 7: Future work of the Permanent Forum, including issues of the Economic and Social Council and emerging issues


Former Khmer-Krom Buddhist Monks Tim Sakhorn, Danh Tol and Kim Moul Sit behind Pi-i Debby Lin an Indigenous Taiwanese - Amis who speaks on behalf of the Indigenous Youth Caucus at United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.