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Khmer-Krom Youths are ready for the Tenth Session of the UNPFII

The Tenth Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) will start from May 16-27, 2011. As previous years, the Khmer-Krom Youths from around the world will travel to New York City to attend the UNPFII. Some of them already arrived at the United States. They all come to the UNPFII with a mission, not a vacation, to help bringing the truth about the human rights violations against their voiceless Khmer-Krom in Kampuchea-Krom.

As of today, the Khmer-Krom in Kampuchea-Krom even cannot speak up for their rights as the Indigenous Peoples living on their ancestral land. The rights to be recognized as the Indigenous Peoples who have been living in Kampuchea-Krom since the Funan time has been rejected by the Vietnamese government at the UNPFII. The more the Vietnamese government denies the truth, the more the world understands that, even at the UN level, the Vietnamese government does not even recognize the truth. How about in Kampuchea-Krom where the Vietnamese government has the power to oppress the voiceless Khmer-Krom? Hopefully, the Vietnamese government changes its mind this year and sends a better representative to the forum to have a constructive dialog with the Khmer-Krom youths representing for the Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation.

On the weekend between the two weeks of the forum, Saturday, May 21, the Khmer-Krom Youths will host its 5th World Youth Conference along with the KKF Human Rights conference at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia from 9am to 4pm. It is an opportunity for Khmer-Krom youths from all corners of the globe to meet each other and learn from human rights scholars.

This year will be another historic year that the Khmer-Krom Youths will mark on the history of their human rights movement to seek for the justice of their people at the UN level. They all go to the UN with the passion that their human rights movement would be successful, as Mr. Wael Ghonim, Google’s Middle East and North Africa Marketing Manager, talked about his people’s revolution in Egypt:

We will win because we are not politic

We will win because we stand up for our dream

We will win because we believe in our dream

We will win: the power of people is much stronger than the people in power